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the perfect balance between technology and sports for kids 7-15


  • 3 Reasons to send your child to a STEM Camp 03/07/2017
    Stop me if you have heard this before: “Technology is the future.” All of us have, and when it comes to preparing our kids for tomorrow, we all want them to have all the tools needed to succeed. During the school year, kids are so busy they barely get time to relax and just have […]
  • Thinking About Projects Year – Round! 01/30/2017
    Written by former Technology Director Nola E.! If you would like to be a featured blogger, email [email protected] Living in New Hampshire and watching the snow pile higher and higher has really made me miss the sunny summers at TIC! While shoveling snow for the millionth time, I started thinking about how great it would […]
  • Social Benefits of Riding the Bus 01/13/2017
    These days, kids are spending more and more time interacting on digital devices rather than in person. When they want to have a conversation, it is a quick text away rather than a phone call. Emotions are displayed with emojis, not with smiles. Kids need to be in social settings to develop skills that will […]

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