KJRTIC Computer Camp was founded in 1982 by Dr. Karen J. Rosenbaum, Ph.D. and our first summer of fun was in 1983. Dr. Rosenbaum’s original concept was to run a summer computer camp using the facilities of a public school system (Arlington, Virginia), trading the use of the schools’ facilities for the schools’ use of TIC’s computers during the academic year. She had planned to do educational consulting as well as camp – but camp quickly took over!

Dr. Rosenbaum designed the camp to have a half day each of computer learning and sports, ensuring our famous mind and body balance. Inspired by Seymour Papert, the pioneer in artificial intelligence who invented the LOGO language, the program allows each child to define their own project and learn by discovery. This required a teaching ratio of 4:1 and exceptional counselors, encouraged to innovate. These same core values still drive TIC today, more than 35 years later.

In 2008, Karen recruited Emily Riedel (pronounced “REED-el”) in preparation for her retirement. After providing three decades of leadership, Karen retired in 2012 and Emily became the Owner/Director of the next generation of TIC Summer Camp.

TIC was originally based in DC but has moved throughout the DC, Maryland and Virginia areas throughout the years, sometimes having 1, 2, 3 or 4 locations at one time.

Locations Timeline:

1983-1988 Mount Vernon College, Washington, DC

1989-1993 American University, Washington, DC

1993-1996 Episcopal High School, Alexandria, VA

1993-2002 Georgetown Visitation, Washington, DC

2003-2005 Woods Academy, Bethesda, MD

2006-2014 French International School, Bethesda, MD

2006-2008 Saint Luke’s School, McLean, VA

2009-2012 Oakcrest School, McLean, VA

2010 George Washington University, Mount Vernon, Washington, DC

2015-2018 Connelly School of the Holy Child, Potomac, MD

2016-2017 Georgetown Day Middle School, Washington, DC

2011-Present Georgetown Day High School, Washington, DC

2013-Present St. John Academy, McLean, VA

2019-Present French International School, Bethesda, MD

2019-Present New School of Northern Virginia, Fairfax, VA


TIC’s program challenges the mind and body through a half-day of technology instruction and a half-day of athletic activities. Programming has always been the primary technology offering and is recommended for first time campers.

The technology program has evolved over the years: in 1983 we only offered Programming. We added Video (now called Filmmaking) in 1991, desktop publishing (DTP) in 1994, the Internet (eventually called Web Design) in 1995, Digital Arts (sometimes called Graphics) in 2001, Robotics, Digital Photography, Multimedia Mix in 2003. Animation took over for MM Mix in 2007. We occasionally offered Digital Music (formerly called MIDI), but added it as a tech option in 2000. Web design was no longer offered after 2015. In 2016, we added Vex and 2017 began Circuity for older Seniors. Digital Music skipped a year and will be offered again 2019. In 2018, 2D and 3D Animation were separated as two different options. In 2019, we will offer Programming, Robotics (with Vex), Circuitry, Digital Photography, 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Digital Arts, and Filmmaking.

In sports, we offered Swimming to all in 1983, later made it an extra cost option, and discontinued it when no pool was available. Tennis and Drama were added as extra cost options in 1990. Dance was an extra cost option during 2008 and 2009.

TIC Summer Camp is accredited by ACA, American Camp Association, since its first summer of operation in 1983 until Present.

Our first year of operation we had 104 campers and in 2018 the total number of campers was over 2,500.