Emily RiedelEmily originally began her illustrious relationship with TIC from its very beginnings, appearing in its first brochure as “child with mop hair running on field”. However, her career really began with TIC Computer Camp in 1989, working in various roles for six summers during high school and college. Emily Riedel obtained her MBA in 2007 and brought a wealth of business acumen after 15 years in non-profit and corporate marketing.


Emily is an active member of the American Camp Association (ACA), serving on the Local Council of Leadership (LCOL) for the VA section, which includes all camps in Virginia and West Virginia. She also serves on the Local Council of Leaders (LCOL) for ACA Virginias as the Standards Co-Chair, and an ACA Accreditation Lead Visitor as well as Standards Instructor. Ms. Riedel grew up in Northern Virginia (shout out to Arlington!) and currently resides in Annandale, VA with her husband and their three beautiful children, ages 14, 11 and 11- all whom attend TIC as well as other camps (cuz camps are cool!). She volunteers with several dog rescues in the area and has three of her own, 2 beagles and a hound mix, and she spends most of her free time watching baseball.


DSC_0066Daniel has been fortunate enough to be involved with TIC Summer Camp since the summer of 2005! The welcoming atmosphere and the pure joy that permeates throughout TIC Summer Camp has had him hooked since his first day. After graduating from the College of the Holy Cross in 2008 with a degree in Sociology, Daniel worked in youth development through coaching, mentoring, and teaching, but was able to continue his seasonal involvement with TIC. In 2013 he joined the year-round staff as Program Coordinator, while also serving as a Site Director during the summers. His current role is the Program & Recruiting Director. In his free time, Daniel loves to be physically active (biking, running, and eating), spending time with his wife and infant daughter, and all things soccer related.


DSC_0064Leslie has openly aspired to work with children since her pre-school graduation speech in 1995, a statement which she probably followed up with a joke and then a pause for laughter. Specifically her own laughter. Leslie began working at TIC as an Athletics Counselor in 2011 and fell in love with it’s unique and welcoming atmosphere. She continued with TIC the following summer as an Athletics Director after graduating from James Madison University with a degree in Geographic Science. After several more summers with TIC, Leslie was hired to TIC’s year-round staff in the fall of 2015 as TIC’s Training Coordinator. Currently, Leslie serves as a Site Director during the summer and acts as TIC’s Communications Director throughout the year. Outside of TIC, she coaches a nationally recognized High School Girls Ultimate Frisbee Team, has served as an organizer for the American Camp Association’s Women in Camp group, and has presented on gender-equity related topics locally. Leslie enjoys any opportunity to practice creative storytelling, running (most of the time), and dancing knowing that people are probably watching, but choosing to ignore that in favor of letting her limbs fly around awkwardly with reckless abandon.


Tabitha is the administrative and registration mastermind that has been helping TIC Summer Camp since 1994! TIC is such a part of her life that even her three daughters attended TIC for many years and some even worked as counselors as well. In her free time, Tabitha loves catching up on her favorite TV shows, traveling, and being the best cat mom there is out there!