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the perfect balance between technology and sports for kids 7-15


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Counselor-in-Training Program

*Please note that we have made changes to the structure of our Leadership Programs starting in 2019!

As our campers enter High School, we feel it is crucial to create tangible opportunities for them to develop and practice leadership skills. Our Counselor-in-Training program is a 3-tiered program that, when completed successfully, often ends in its participants becoming TIC Counselors starting as early as their Senior year of high school. Being a camp counselor teaches many skills fundamental to any job, including strong work ethic, effective communication, public speaking, confidence, empathy, time management, and resilience. We also offer opportunities for our Counselors-in-Training to have a real impact on our camp culture and truly contribute to the positive, friendly, and spontaneous environment TIC is known for. CITs get to participate in activities and have privileges reserved specifically for them. Please note that the first two tiers of the CIT Program require CITs to be enrolled as campers. ALL applicants that complete the application by May 1st, 2019 will be accepted into the CIT program (Tier 1 or 2), so don’t wait- grab your spot now! 

 (click on tier for further descriptions)

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Grade requirement

9th or 10th





Tier 1

Tier 1 & Tier 2

Application req.

1 Application

1 App & 2 Refs


# of Sessions req.

1 Session

(enrolled as camper)

1 Session

(enrolled as camper)

2 Sessions (NOT enrolled as camper)

# of Trainings



5 per session or as needed


General Leadership Skills

Counselor-specific training

Professionalism & some Staff Training