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the perfect balance between technology and sports for kids 7-15


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CIT/LTP Training

CIT (Counselor-In-Training) Program:

All rising 10th graders are eligible to participate in TIC’s excellent Counselor-In-Training Program with no additional cost to their regular camp tuition.  While they still participate in technology and athletics like a regular camper, CITs spend about an hour each day receiving training specific to enhancing their future success as a Camp employee.  Training includes observations, discussions, workshops, working with a Counselor mentor, and team building, then culminates in a final project where CITs practice being a counselor by leading an activity under the supervision of TIC Staff.  CITs also participate in exclusive activities and are offered opportunities to contribute to the TIC culture in a meaningful way.  The CIT Program is meant to be the first stepping stone for campers interested in gaining employment as a camp counselor, but also provides training and experiences that are useful for many leadership opportunities, as well as developing exceptional communication skills and building confidence.  Not to mention, it’s fun!  CIT groups tend to form close bonds and create many lasting memories during their 4 weeks together.

Campers who excel in our CIT program are invited back for a second year as Staff Assistants, at which time they are no longer campers, but assist in every aspect of camp operations. Staff Assistants volunteer for at least two sessions during the camp season, and can choose to receive a stipend or SSL hours for their service.  Many of our current staff members came through the TIC CIT/Staff Assistant program and continue to carry on our many traditions and spread their enthusiasm for TIC! Additional information about the CIT program can be found here.

To apply to the TIC CIT program, please print/download the CIT Application AND two CIT Reference forms. You may email these documents to [email protected] or mail to TIC’s YEAR-ROUND OFFICE 3715 Camelot Drive Annandale, VA 22003. 

You will receive an email confirmation of acceptance into the program. Please contact Leslie at [email protected] if you do not receive a confirmation by May 1.


LTP (Leadership Training Program):

TIC is now offering the Leadership Training Program for rising 9th graders that are also at least 13 years-old.  The program aims to help build strong individuals and leaders who are prominent contributors to their extracurricular activities, schools, or other communities.  This one session (2 week) program is an opportunity for campers to learn and practice vital leadership skills such as public speaking, acting appropriately in professional situations, good listening practices, goal setting, and making great first impressions. TIC believes these are important lifelong skills, but that they will also be particularly helpful as participants enter a pivotal part of their teen years and high school.  Although the Leadership Training Program is not a prerequisite for the CIT Program, it does provide a useful base on which to build further training.

Our LTP campers pay regular tuition, (Some ACA camps charge an additional training fee—we do not) and participate in technology instruction and athletic activities along with other senior campers, but also receive 30-45 minutes of leadership training each day.

All campers who complete the application process by April 15 are guaranteed acceptance to the Leadership Training Program. Applications received after April 15, will be accepted as space is available. Participants who complete the program will receive a certificate and t-shirt to commemorate all of their incredible work. Please return the LTP Application by email to [email protected] OR mail to TIC’s YEAR-ROUND OFFICE 3715 Camelot Drive Annandale, VA 22003.