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the perfect balance between technology and sports for kids 7-15


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Participation Terms

The camper and his/her parents/guardians must agree to the rules and regulations for the health, safety and welfare of the camp and its campers and staff.

Technology Options

Campers register for only ONE TECH OPTION per session. If the technology option you want is full, you may choose a different option for that session or change to another session. Program is subject to change without prior notice.

Health and Safety

A health form MUST be submitted prior to attending camp. By registering your child, you understand there are certain unavoidable risks associated with various game and play activities, such as collisions, wayward objects (e.g. balls, Frisbees, hockey sticks and other equipment). You are aware of these risks and assume them on behalf of your child. I realize no environment is risk-free, despite a high degree of supervision. Therefore, I have instructed my child on the importance of abiding by the camp’s rules. My child and I both agree he or she is familiar with these rules and will obey them. I acknowledge these risks and agree to let me child participate in all activities (except as noted on the Health Form).

In the event I cannot be reached in an emergency, I hereby give permission to the appropriate medical personnel, selected by TIC Summer Camp, to provide medical treatment deemed necessary by such personnel. I agree to be responsible for all charges incurred in the treatment of the participant regardless of whether my insurance covers such charges. I understand I will arrange to have my participant picked up as soon as possible once notified of illness. I will notify TIC Summer Camp immediately if any member of the household has developed any reportable communicable disease. I understand activities on the camp property involve risk. I agree not to hold camp liable for injuries sustained during programs.

Parent authorizes the communication of child’s medication condition, treatment, and/or prognosis with the medical staff and camp director, in its sole discretion, if believed to be in the best interest of the child. This authorization expires once the child completes his/her camp session(s).

Waiting Lists

If the tech option your child desires is full, you may choose a different tech option, session or location. To guarantee a spot in your desired session, you can register for your second or third choice AND be waitlisted for your first choice in the same session. If you would prefer to join the general waitlist, there is no fee but you must complete the entire registration application. If an opening becomes available, you will automatically be transferred off the waiting list into the available spot (including add on activities). We will contact you via phone and email, indicating the available spot and the amount due (if applicable). You will have 24 hours to confirm and pay for the spot. After that time, we will release the spot to the the next camper on the waiting list. All balances must be paid by May 1, 2017. Therefore, any movement off the waiting list after May 1 requires full payment within 24 hours.


By registering your camper, you allow TIC Summer Camp to transport your child, via bus, to area tennis courts (DC-West, MD & VA). Campers are required to follow bus safety rules: Fasten seat belts (when available), remain seated at all times, and behave in a polite and orderly manner. TIC is fully insured and meets all the American Camp Association accreditation standards for transporting children including vehicle inspections and licensed drivers.


TIC Summer Camp does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race/ethnicity, economic status, sexual orientation, physical ability, or cultural and religious backgrounds.

Act of God

In the event the opening of camp is delayed or camp ends early due to an act of God or civil authority or other reason beyond the control of camp, no adjustment of tuition will be made.


By registering your camper, you grant TIC Summer Camp permission to use any photograph, film or other image for promotional purposes. If you do not want photographs to be taken of your child, you must submit a request in writing at least two weeks prior to attending camp, along with a photo of your child for us to keep on file.

Binding Arbitration

It is agreed that any dispute or cause of action arising between the parties, whether out of this agreement or otherwise, can only be brought in the Circuit Court located in Fairfax County, and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Virginia.


A nonrefundable deposit of $200 per camper per session is required upon enrollment, plus any extra cost activities or services, which is then applied to the final tuition. All tuition fees must be paid in full by May 1, 2017 or you forfeit your deposit and your camper’s place at camp. When using a credit card, you authorize TIC Summer Camp to charge the remaining balance on May 1, 2017. After May 1, there are NO tuition refunds. Families who voluntarily withdraw on or before May 1, 2017 shall receive a full refund less the $200 nonrefundable deposit per camper per session. There are no refunds for absences during a session nor prorating of fees for partial attendance.

Behavior Code

TIC is committed to having a community in which every camper and staff member can learn, play, and participate in an atmosphere free from all forms of bullying and harassment. Any form of harassment, whether written, oral, physical, visual, or virtual, is strictly prohibited and subject to disciplinary consequences. Bullying or verbal abuse based on race, religion, gender, gender identification, sexual orientation, disability, or physical appearance are not tolerated at TIC. A camper who bullies or is inappropriately physical is sent to the office and parents are notified. That camper may be required to leave camp, with no refund of tuition. The Directors reserve the right to dismiss any participant who violates camp rules or is judged detrimental to the general welfare of programs.