The atmosphere. We feel like the counselors are great role models. I like that the athletics are non-competitive and fun, so she gets exercise without feeling the pressure of competitive sports. It made a huge difference to her about making her comfortable about going, and I greatly appreciate it. Thank you!”


The GROW program will have more information about how it will run in summer 2021 after the new year. If you have any specific questions regarding the program, please contact Leslie Keller ([email protected]).


A staggering 80% of future jobs will require a STEM education. More than 75% of working women feel that participating in sports enhances their self-image. Despite being incredibly capable of success in both STEM fields and athletic pursuits, girls drop out of science, math, and sports at alarming rates as they grow up, particularly during adolescence. Studies have shown many reasons for this decrease in interest, ranging from reduced access, to social pressures, and even lack of visible role models.

At TIC, we strongly believe in how beneficial the skills and the confidence gained through studying technology and participating in sports can be for all gender identities. We also recognize, however, that there are serious inequities that need to be remedied. Because of this, we are committed to creating a safe and supportive environment where all campers are encouraged to cultivate their individual interests in sports and technology free of social stigma. All of our staff are trained to recognize and be sensitive to the barriers that disproportionately impact only part of our camp community. TIC also buys-in to the idea of, “if you can see it, you can be it”, which is why we hire exceptional female athletes, scientists, programmers, and artists.

As part of our efforts, in 2018 we started a new program at all our camp locations called “”Grow”, where all our female-identifying and non-binary campers have the opportunity to eat lunch together with some of our female-identifying and non-binary staff twice a week and participate in numerous workshops. Creating these opportunities to find common ground between underrepresented folks is a validating and confidence-building experience, and TIC wants to provide an intentional space where they can share their interests, ideas and challenges. The point of the club is not to change girls, it’s to change perspectives. In addition to helping girls unlearn limiting ideas about themselves, we want everyone in our camp community to unlearn their implicit biases about women’s capabilities, as well.

We now bring Grow Workshops to other organizations! The past two years, Grow has worked with the Girl Scouts, Capital One, and STEM for Her. Workshop topics have included navigating the STEM field, creating healthy friendships, combating stereotypes, developing a positive body image, finding role models, goal setting, and authentic leadership. Workshops and trainings can be customized for age group, group size, and content. If you have an organization or group that is interested in hosting Grow, please email Leslie at [email protected].