During the Sports portion of the day, we offer two added activities: Drama and Tennis. These activities occur every day for one hour in place of an athletics period. Technology activities are not affected. Please note, you may only PICK ONE extra activity, per session. Read below for more information on each.


During the athletic half of the day, we offer one hour of drama daily at all camp sites. Campers prepare for an original production using creative games and activities as well as improvisational techniques. Campers are exposed to the creative process and develop their acting and vocal skills. Productions are camper driven, allowing for ownership and pride, when they perform for their parents and the whole camp on the last day of the session. Campers who choose Drama must be present on the final day of the session. Drama costs $30 extra per session.











We offer mostly beginner and some intermediate tennis instruction at all four sites during the athletic portion of the day. MD and VA campers will take the shuttle buses to nearby tennis courts for their one-hour daily lesson. Tennis lessons cost $100 extra per session. Campers are responsible for bringing their own rackets. Tennis locations:

*Locations are subject to change