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the perfect balance between technology and sports for kids 7-15


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Does your camper love Pixar and Disney and enjoy creating characters or animated shorts? Then Animation may be the perfect fit! Campers can choose between “frame-by-frame” animating in Anime (formally known as Flash) with tablets, or using digital cameras to create stop motion or Claymation pieces.

Advanced campers can use more sophisticated software, such as Mudbox or Maya, to create amazing 3D projects. While using these programs, campers will be able to use professionally rigged characters to animate and get a feel for the many possibilities in Animation as they continue to learn 3D software.

Mudbox (by Autodesk) is 3D sculpting and painting tool that uses rigged models so that campers are able to get accustomed to the 3D environment and animate in it. Campers will be introduced to terms such as rigging, vectors, mapping, and layers, which are important when later making the jump to the more complex 3D modeling of Maya.

  • Requirements: Ability to work in pairs. Interest in digital arts.
  • Level: Beg-Advanced (Juniors and Seniors)
  • Take home: Project files available on website for downloading.