She likes the whole TIC experience-counselors, directors, athletics, tech. Very open and friendly all around. I like the friendly and knowledgeable staff at camp and the front office during camp sign up Tabitha is awesome.”


Is your camper a fan of cartoons? Do you and your family look forward to watching the next Pixar movie? Then animation is the right fit! Campers will explore 2D animation, 3D animation, or stop-motion. Campers will start off with 2D animation where they will use Adobe Animate and a drawing tablet as an avenue to showcase their imagination by creating their own original cartoon. They will learn concepts such as motion tweens, and become familiar with the “onion” tool.

Once they become comfortable with 2D concepts, campers may make the jump to 3D animation where campers will use Autodesk Maya, an industry standard, to explore the 3D environment. They will try their hand working with rigs and character modeling in order to create their animation. 3D animation is recommended for campers who are familiar with animation and ready for a challenge.

An alternative option is stop-motion where campers will be introduced to Dragonframe to capture their animation using legos, markers, post-its, and more. Depending on the stop-motion project, campers may need to create a mini-set as a background for their animation. With so many popular stop-motion movies being released. This is a great way for campers to get a behind the scenes look at what it takes to make such a production.

The possibilities are endless in animation!

  • Requirements: Ability to work in pairs. Interest in digital arts.
  • Level: Beg-Advanced (Juniors: Rising 2nd to 5th grade and Seniors: Rising 6th to 10th grade)
  • Take home: Project files available on website for downloading.