She loves the close relationships with counselors and the fun goofy social atmosphere.”


Does your camper love to take apart electronics to see its inner-workings? Then Circuits can be a great option! The use of Arduino exposes Senior campers to the world breadboards, wiring, circuits, and resistors to help them accomplish a variety of amazing projects! With the ability to use LCD screens, sensor boards, motors and more, campers can let their imaginations run free with their projects. This technology option is for advanced programmers only as campers will use Java (or a similar language) to code their projects. Past projects have included a digital clock, morse code translator, scoreboard, and more!

  • Requirements: Ability to work in pairs. One session of Programming AND Robotics at TIC or comparable. Algebra and similar math experience helpful.
  • Level: Advanced (Seniors: Rising 6th to 10th grade only)
  • Take home: Link to coded developed.
  • This technology option is NOT available at the TIC-Fairfax site.