The overall TIC experience and social atmosphere. TIC definitely has a lot of custom and tradition organically injected by the returning campers and counselors. It is this “TICness” which both my kids have enjoyed more than either the technology or sport aspect of the day.”


In Digital Photography, campers will have the chance to see the world through the lens of our DSLR cameras. Like the professionals, campers will be given a shot list at the beginning of the session giving them an opportunity to experience different perspectives of photography. While taking photos, campers work together to learn how to frame a shot, determine focal points, along with other techniques. For senior campers, exploring manual functions such as adjusting the IOS, aperture, and shutter speed, will take their knowledge of DSLR cameras to the next level.

Not only will they learn how to take photos, but campers will learn how to edit them as well. Each day they will edit the photos taken earlier on, using Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom, building a portfolio as the session moves on. At the end of the session campers will upload their photos to an online portfolio in order to showcase their impressive work. They will go home experienced and ready to capture the world around them!

  • Requirements: Ability to work in pairs.
  • Level: Beg-Advanced, interest in photography a plus (Juniors: Rising 2nd to 5th grade and Seniors: Rising 6th to 10th grade)
  • Take home: Online portfolio with ability to download photos


Digital Photography