“The counselor not only taught programming to my son but also became a good role model. My son admired how smart the counselor was and wishes to be like him. Since my son has neither older siblings nor friends around, it was fortunate to have the counselor as a role model. My son also loved the sport counselor and enjoyed playing sports at the camp, especially basketball.”


In programming campers will learn the tools to bring their imagination to life through coding and game design! We offer a variety of languages, including LOGO, Python, C++, Java, depending on your camper’s experience and age. Campers are not limited to game design, but can also create mazes, drawing programs, text-based RPG’s, mock databases, and more!

Campers typically begin with LOGO learning essential concepts and functions such as variables, loops, methods, conditionals and more! As campers become more advanced they move on to more complex languages (such as Python, C++, Java) and add to their knowledge by learning advanced topics, which include but are not limited to: commenting/documentation, object oriented programming, abstract classes and interfaces… the list goes on! Campers in advance programming campers can spend an entire session on each of these concepts ensuring that they can take multiple sessions of programming and continue to learn something new every time. It will also give them a head start with high school or college computer science classes.

Our teaching ratio is 4:1, and campers work in pairs on one computer, collaborating to enhance learning. Through experience, we know the personal interaction that occurs between kids and computers has positive benefits: it can improve math and critical thinking skills, reading ability, and attitudes toward learning. Guided exploration on a computer can also hone intellectual skills, teach problem solving, and improve the ability to communicate. Find out all you might want to know about TIC’s Programming option by clicking here.

  • Requirements: Ability to work in pairs. Programming Information form completed at registration.
  • Level: Beg-Advanced (Juniors: Rising 2nd to 5th grade and Seniors: 6th to 10th grade)
  • Take home: Project files available on website for downloading.