Counselor-in-Training Program


Tier 3, or the Staff Assistant Program, is an invitation-only program that is offered to CITs that excelled in Tier 1 & Tier 2. Staff Assistants are no longer campers, but are also not full-time counselors. They receive on-the-job training and one-on-one feedback, as well as a behind the scenes look at how camp runs. Staff Assistants help with many aspects of TIC’s operation, including Carpool, lunch, special events like Color War, and attendance. In the event that a counselor is absent, Staff Assistants that have demonstrated responsibility and aptitude for working with kids may be asked to fill in for that staff member. The most successful Staff Assistants are those that take initiative, consistently seek to be helpful, and actively ask for feedback. We have had many wonderful Counselors start as CITs and even climb the ranks to become Directors! Staff Assistants can opt to either receive a stipend for each session worked, or SSL hours (but please note that not all school districts will accept SSL hours from TIC). We ask Staff Assistants to work 2 sessions during the summer, but the sessions do not need to be consecutive and we can be flexible with dates, as needed. Staff Assistant invitations are typically sent out around Thanksgiving after the camper’s completion of Tier 2 at TIC.

Staff Assistants