Counselor-in-Training Program


During the first two tiers of the CIT Program, participants are either 9th or 10th graders and must be enrolled as campers. They still participate in TIC each day as a camper, but are taken out of their regular sports or technology activities for training sessions with their Leadership and Training Director. During this time, CITs are NOT given responsibilities that involve caring for or supervising other campers. CITs may be given an opportunity to work with younger campers in either athletics or technology in order to demonstrate what they’ve learned, but only under the direct supervision of the Leadership and Training Director.

Tier 1 of the CIT Program meets for 5 trainings over the course of the session and focuses on more general leadership skills, while Tier 2 meets every day of the session (10 trainings total) and goes more in-depth about the skills required to be an excellent counselor.

If attempting to complete Tier 1 & Tier 2 in the same summer, please be aware that your camper must be signed up for two sessions of TIC in order to properly complete both programs. 

CIT Program